Kip Kinkel is legally updated 25 years after the Thurston High School shooting

Kip Kinkel was led into the Marion County Courthouse in 2007.

Twenty-five years after Kip Kinkel shot and killed his parents and two students at Thurston High School and wounded 25 others, he and his attorneys have filed a new petition with the Oregon Supreme Court.

Thaddeus Betz, director of the Youth Justice Project and Kinkel’s attorney, in April filed the petition asking the state’s highest court to grant Kinkel a “murder review hearing.”

Such a hearing would determine whether Kinkel is rehabilitated, or is capable of rehabilitation, which could impact how long he remains in prison.

Kinkel killed his parents, William and Faith Kinkel, the night before bringing a gun to school and killing classmates Ben Walker and Mikael Nicholauson. Twenty-five other students were injured in the shooting, which was one of the earliest and most high-profile school shootings in the country at the time. The Columbine High School shootings occurred about a year later.

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