Lawyers raising concerns about new bail laws won’t be Charter compliant | NanaimoNewsNOW

By Canadian Press

May 29, 2023 | 10:59AM

OTTAWA — Criminal lawyers are raising concerns that proposed changes to Canada’s bail laws won’t be constitutional, as they eagerly await a statement explaining why the federal Liberals think the reforms comply with the Charter.

Vancouver criminal lawyer Kyla Lee says the federal government’s proposed changes making it harder for some repeat violent offenders to get bail might not be Charter compliant, given that bail is a constitutional right.

The legislation currently before Parliament would introduce reverse-onus bail conditions for people charged with serious violent offenses involving a weapon, in cases where the person was convicted of a similar violent offense within the last five years.

Ottawa criminal lawyer Lawrence Greenspon says it’s concerning that the government has yet to issue a Charter statement explaining why the proposed law is compliant.

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